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Colonoscopy is an important preventative measure in decreasing the incidence of colon cancer. Colonoscopy is recommended for individuals age 50 or above and then every 10 years after that. Individuals who have a strong family history of colon cancer or colon polyps or are of African American descent are advised to undergo the procedure earlier.

Colonoscopy is performed under IV sedation at an endoscopy center, a surgery center or hospital. 

The procedure is performed under IV sedation and is relatively painless. The procedure does require a complete colon preparation and cleansing prior to the procedure and this is somewhat uncomfortable but certainly tolerable. 

The procedure is safe and highly effective in reducing the incidence of colon carcinoma. As with all medical procedures there are certain risks associated with colonoscopy and this should be discussed with your physician and the surgeon or endoscopist performing the procedure.

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